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How do I study at home during Covid-19 Lockdown – Karan Gambhir, The Mann School

Home is the best place to study peacefully as the house is the most captivating place for concentration and attentiveness. Despite, home being the best place to study students complain that they can’t concentrate. Their lack of concentration is due to their carefree attitude, which hinders their biological, psychological and physiological health further hindering their attention. The best tactics for studying at home are getting up early, organising things and maintaining a particular time table, writing practice is the best for storing information, taking regular breaks to improve concentration, talking and sharing feelings to distress yourself, most importantly taking proper sleep and also exercising because exercising helps to release dystrophin and serotonin which are also called as happy hormone these hormones help a person concentrate and be happy. These things surely help to study peacefully and attract our mind towards studies moreover it also helps to relax mind, which further enhances mental dynamic, concentration and problem-solving abilities.

From Karan Gambhir Class 12 The Mann School, Delhi

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