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Stay Home Stay Safe – Nancy, The Mann School

Aren’t you astonished by the fact that the nation with the highest GDP and leading medical technology i.e. the United States of America has currently 277522 positive cases(as on 4 April 2020) of alarmingly spreading Novel Corona Virus? This number itself frightens me. It has become necessary for all of us to stay at home so that we can stay safe. It is the need of the hour that we maintain social distance, keep our surroundings and ourselves clean, regularly wash our hands and cooperate with the fighters of our nation i.e. our medical staff, police and the government. Many brands and celebrities have come up to ask people to stay apart and stay safe. On the contrary, I can understand that it will cause a problem for all of us in shutting down all our work and to sit at home. But the problem caused by staying at home is not big enough as compared to the problem caused by the COVID -19 pandemic!!! I suggest we can utilize this time by spending it with our family in creating delightful moments and in doing something creative. Even teachers can teach using video conferencing and employees can adjust working at home. It is mainly causing a problem for the lower-class people who have no savings and food to eat. But the government is coming up with a number of facilities and trying hard to save and help every citizen. In conclusion, social distancing must be followed strictly to curtail the spread of the virus. It has become our prime duty to stay at home as it is the only prevention from contracting COVID-19. . It reminds of a quotation “UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL.” Don’t worry! Don’t create panic! Just gear up all your strength and stand together to fight against the pandemic.

From Nancy Class 12 The Mann School, Noida

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