A 9 year old Kid Invented a Device ensuring Social Distance

New Delhi : A 9 year old Kid Invented a Device ensuring Social Distance

A class 5th student of Modern Public School, Shalimar Bagh claims to have developed a device that alerts if the safety protocol is violated. After working for 5 days and with the help of his parents and teachers, he managed to create the device, which according to him is a native technology and can be used to make wearable devices, doorbells and switches or items of public use, from which one needs to maintain a proper distance. If someone comes within the distance of 10cm from the device, the system alerts the user with a sound and glowing LED light. The device uses a five volt buzzer, LED lights, Arduino board, breadboard, male to male jumper wires and USB wire to connect to a PC. The device is yet to be launched and there is no commercial tie-up so far.

Hiten created this device at the government run Atal Tinker Lab (ATL) at his school, inspired by his school seniors.

The father of this inquisitive child runs tea and coffee vending machines and mother is a teacher in a government school at Adarsh Nagar , New Delhi.

Hiten loves science and watches science related videos on youtube. He wishes to become a scientist.

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