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New Delhi 14th May 2020 : Alternative Academic Calendar by NCERT, Competency Based Education (CBE) and Role of Principal in its implementation.

The wide-ranging impact of COVID-19 pandemic is changing many things, including the way we do school education. We have been forced to rethink on the present system of an almost complete reliance of school education on prescribed textbooks, to instead make all out efforts to replace it with a combination of an engaging and joyful blend of activity-based learning, do-it-yourself and learn projects, building selfreliance capabilities in our learners, etc. along with textbooks and use of technology. In this context, NCERT has shown the way by coming out with four-weeks activitybased Alternate Academic Calendars for learners of grades 1 to 10. These calendars were launched by Hon’ble Human Resources Development Minister of Government of India in April-May 2020. A similar calendar for grades 11 and 12 will be out shortly. NCERT has stated in the calendar document that, “the week-wise plan consists of interesting activities and challenges, with reference to chapter/theme from the textbook. Most importantly, it maps the themes with the learning outcomes. The purpose of mapping of themes with learning outcomes is to facilitate teachers/parents to assess the progress in students’ learning. However, it is reiterated that the focus should be on learning, rather than testing for scores.” For the last two years CBSE has also been advocating the attainment of defined Learning Outcomes by every child. Therefore, it is reiterated that in the context of the present situation and for the long-term development of capabilities and competencies in the learner, it is felt necessary that schools majorly focus their teaching efforts on learning and its outcomes, rather than entirely on exams, testing and scores.

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