An Opportunity To Become a Stakeholder of environment conservation During Covid 19 lockdown

New Delhi 4th June 2020 :

Dr.Anju Mehrotra K.P.S PRINCIPAL and its Teachers attended an Online Webinar on the topic

"There is No Plan B Because there is No Planet B" on Thursday 4th June 2020 at 6pm organized by Modern Public School, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi .

The Webinar was screened live on Facebook by Bollywood Actress, Producer, UNEP Goodwill

Ambassador, UN Secretary Generals Advocate for SDGs “Ms. Dia Mirza. She addressed the online listeners with a cordial welcome and talked about the issues pertaining to Environment Conservation. She further added how humans being indoors has made them realize just how

great the outdoors are and how their staying at home during the corona virus is helping our planet to heal.

Not only is the air cleaner, it’s quieter too. The lack of public transport, people on the road and

rush hour commute means that our ears aren’t getting better; we are just hearing a lot more. From the rustling of leaves to the chirping of birds, decibel levels have dropped.

It’s not just our airways that are clearer; the water quality has improved as well. In Venice,

famous for its canals, waterways are benefiting from the lack of usual boat traffic brought on by thousands of visitors. In India too pictures of a cleaner River Ganga as well as Varanasi have appeared.

While we may have lockdown restrictions, wildlife has been using this lack of human spreading to venture out of their own territories. It’s showing us just how much the natural world can thrive if we just gave it a little space.

She conveyed a very important message. There is no Plan B. And no Planet B. Life has

blossomed on this planet. ... Therefore every individual must start acting responsibly, with love

and compassion for nature.

Moreover”Children of today is the change-makers of tomorrow .By teaching them the

importance of protecting the environment; we can turn them into responsible citizens, who will

be focused on Sustainable Development”

The Webinar was a Wake Up call for Human Race...

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