Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Human beings have been fascinated by sea turtles for millennia. Having evolved around 100 million years ago and remaining mostly unchanged, they provide valuable insights into the Earth’s past.

The students of Eco Club (Classes IV -V) got the opportunity to witness the beautiful marine world of the sea turtles at ‘Arribada- A gathering of stories, cultures and interactions with sea turtles’, organized by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) India on 19thAugust, 2019.

The students were transported into the mysterious world of sea turtles through the amazing assembly of artefacts collected by three eclectic conservationists.The amalgamation of artefacts and stories from history, biology, culture, conservation and people associated with sea turtle research captivated their attention. The beautifully curated exhibition aimed to raise awareness about the need for their protection and conservation.

The learning experience was further enhanced by the fun activities like Doodling Marine Life, Turtle Thump, Sand box game and the Turtle size chart. The exhibition was indeed an enriching experience for the students.

source-st thomas fb page.

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