Basketball Coach Art Dye, 73, Proves It’s Possible To Live Your Passion In Old Age

Age is just a number and nothing in front of passion. This is not just a motivational line but a fact that has been proven by a 73-year-old basketball champion. Meet Art Dye, who has been hired as the Head High School Varsity Boys Basketball Coach for the first time at the age of 73. He was considered to be the kick-starter of basketball clubs as he began his Stars Program in Arizona, USA, in the 1980s.

On his appointment, he said, “I don’t believe that age is a factor when you look at the body of work somebody has.” Principal Jon Hutman said, “If you spend any time with Art, you can see that age is just a number for him. His intensity, knowledge of the game, how straightforward he is, it’s captivating.” Dye added that he still has a lot left in his tank before he retires and added that it’s his passion for the sports that leads him in his life.

He has coached NBA players like Mike Bibby, Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye during his run as director and coach of the AAU Stars and says he is looking forward to training with young kids.

The undying love this teacher has for his passion is inspiring and commendable. What do you think?

Source: AZ Central


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