Career Beacon held India's Principal e-Conclave virtually on 10 June 2020

New Delhi : Career Beacon held India's Principal e-Conclave virtually on 10 June 2020. This was India's first-ever principal e-conclave dedicated to revising your teaching Philosophy for this Crisis.

Eminent Principal and progressive thinkers from the field of education spoke at the Principal's e-Conclave. These included

Dr Sanyam Bhardwaj Examination Controller CBSE,

Dr Anjlee Prakash Founder Learning Links Foundation,

Ms Fatema Agarkar Founder Agarkar Centre of Excellence, Mumbai,

Dr Neeru Joshi Principal BBPS Ghaziabad

Ms Aparna Dilip Magee - Principal Ramagya Group of Schools NOIDA,

Dr.Rupinder Kaur Principal Heritage Public School Agra,

Ms Sanjana Dutta Bakshi Principal DAV Public School New Delhi,

Ms Rekha Mathews - K12 Educator,

Ms Arti Dua Kapur Principal - Narmada Calorx Public School, Bharuch.

Over 150 people across India took part in the e-Conclave-these included Educators, teachers, people interested in education fraternity- wanting to know and learn more about it.

In the keynote address, Dr Sanyam Bhardwaj Examination Controller CBSE, Dr Anjlee Prakash Founder Learning Links Foundation used their collective experiences of over 60 years in education appreciated the school leaders who have continued to look after students adapting to the New Normal.

They also shared that How we should change education, how to engage teachers better,anytime-anywhere learning.

Dr Sanyam Bhardwaj conveyed that schools will be the last to re-open post-Covid as the safety of Kids is utmost important, he also advised school authorities to create short videos to be shared with students how to maintain Social Distancing norms.

Dr Anjlee Prakash, in her keynote address, advised to take the pandemic crisis as a significant opportunity to reshape the education, as the old order collapses, a new possibility emerges out. She asked School leaders to keep the learning ahead, and It is also time to reflect beyond knowledge.

In subsequent Panel discussions, Ms Aparna Dilip Magee shared insights on how to we adapt lessons for E-learning? And How can parents support and help in conducting online class?

Fatema Agarkar shared, what happens to holistic learning with co-curricular is it getting get diluted, she also shared what the difference in 'teaching' style that you anticipate to help this Covid19 teaching-learning is.

Dr Neeru Joshi shared what adjustments do teachers need to make for content & pedagogy when they design and deliver an online class? Does she share how to motivate your learners? She also mentioned synchronous vs asynchronous modes of communication in online teaching.

Rekha Mathews shared insights on what is the future of regular classes & about the Attitude and behaviour changes required by teachers.

Dr Rupinder Kaur What type of experiments do you think you have taken in this zero-touch world?

Sanjana Bakshi Datta shared How to deal with the mood swings of the child who feels isolated in the burial classroom and How to deal with the fear in the mind of teachers to use technology?

Arti Dua Kapoor shared How Digitalisation transform India's education system, post COVID19? And Will the digital transformation in India stay?

Nirali Dagli spoke on the role of a Principal plays in upgrading teachers with the new system? How are teachers coping with this new scenario?

There were several representatives from various schools, who participated in the Speakout Contest.

In the same vein, the jury Alok Bansal, Shivani Sahni, Brig(Dr) Sunil Moudgil ( Retd), Harvinder Kaur, Ashutosh Nanda & Sanjeev Gupta has selected the winner and runner in teachers and principal category.

One striking and unique feature of the Principal e-Conclave was the participation of Teachers and Principals in the speakout contest. Contestants from different parts of the country spoke on their Journey of COVID '19 and their initiatives in respective schools. Ms Poonam Thakur was announced the winner, and Dr Kewal Anand Kandpal was declared the runner in Principal Category. Ms Deepali Saini was announced the winner and Ms Meera Poojan Shah was declared the runner in Teachers Category. All contestants won the hearts of the delegates when they talked about their COVID learning experiences.

The Principals e-Conclave was the brainchild of Conccept-, which is into Career Mentoring and aims to have the Conclave on a bigger scale next year, bringing together more speakers and participants.

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