Career Beacon is bringing a Virtual Parenting Session' series for parents with kids from 2-21 years

New Delhi : Career Beacon is bringing a Virtual Parenting Session series for parents with kids from 2-21 years

After the successful completion of YEN Learning Sessions, the team has geared towards to Parental Challenges for the parents with kids from 2-21 years.

Career Beacon is bringing these series for the parents who are getting a significant challenge at each of their Age group Parenting gives you a simple vision and creative ways to instil faith in your children, and you can start learning now!

Speaking to K12 News, Mrs Sunanda Rao informed the K12 journalist, Ms Shruti Anand, that in their past events most of the parents have requested to organise few talks covering the parenting challenges which can give a Gen Z prerogatives too.

Further in discussions with Mrs Kavita Rai, Ms Shruti gathered the information on the above series.

That the Career Beacon will host these series live on Youtube Channel & on Zoom platform during the evening time so that working parents are free from the office tasks as they are Work from Home until the Lockdown 4.0.

There are 6 Topics for six days with Parenting Experts like Fatema Agarkar Founder Agarkar centre of Excellence Mumbai, Dr Neeru Joshi. Principal BBPS Modinagar, Ms Anita Paul Head of Indus World School Gurgaon, Ms Rekha Mathews Principal Mysore Public School, Ms Alka Kapur Principal Modern Public School New Delhi, Harvinder Kaur Principal (Sr. Secondary School) at Jaypee Group.

There are six topics which shall cover one on each day.

Sunanda Rao said, The questions don't get more comfortable, but maybe the answers do. The best way to learn is from educators the real parenting experts, who have applied timeless principles to the highs and lows of parenting and have kept faith at the centre of it all. We have an individual session starting from 25th May 2020 you may join us by registering to this complimentary session with the linked shared below

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