CBSE Online Teachers Training Programme For Teachers – Kalka Public School, Alaknanda, Delhi

New Delhi, 3rd June 2020 : CBSE Online Teachers Training Programme For Teachers – Kalka Public School, Alaknanda, Delhi.


You can’t always control what goes on outside, but you can always control what troubles you within.

In today’s competitive world where everything operates on a global basis it is hard to cope with the pressure both on the professional and social front. In order to enable the teachers to handle stress more effectively KALKA PUBLIC SCHOOL provided a wonderful opportunity to its teachers to participate in various workshops organized by CBSE COE from various parts of the country during lockdown..

Kalka Public School teacher Ms Poonam Kumar attended an Experiential and Reflective workshop on June3 ,2020 The Topic of the session was STRESS AND BURNOUT- STRESS MANAGEMENT The resource person MR PHUSHPRAJ commenced his session with a warm up activity with the online participants to guess what is S=P>R.. He not only helped the teachers to understand the concept of stress but also discussed about various psychological, emotional, environmental and physical effects emerging out of them. Through various case studies discussed by different groups of teachers, the workshop became more educative and entertaining. The resource person from CBSE also elaborated the set of techniques that help in managing stress more effectively.

Teachers were made to realize the importance of active learning and learning the strategies of inculcating the Stress management Skills amongst ourselves. Along with fulfilling the roles and responsibilities ascribed and prescribed to us, one should never forget to pay attention on our own self.

Emphasis was laid upon the development of self-awareness, problem solving skills, decision making skills , critical and creative thinking skills; building and enhancing interpersonal relationships and empathy amongst others; working out strategies to help ourselves and others to manage emotions and cope up with stress.

MR PHUSHPRAJ explained some of the stress management strategies which are as follows: • Seeking help • Procrastination • Self Motivation • Praying • Counting from 1-10 • Engaging in any recreational activity like painting, dancing etc.

All the facilitators across different schools were also made to realize the importance of TEA i.e. Thought Emotion and Action. Wherein thought means automatic and non automatic aspects, emotion is affective aspect and Action is Behavioral or cognitive aspect of a human being. She then clarified some of the myths related to stress and further explained how stress develops i.e. • T: An individual first gives a Thought to any situation • E: This thought then develops into an Emotion • A: The emotion gets transformed into an Action.

The Learning objectives was to enable the facilitators to understand the meaning, need and importance of Stress Management, identify its three basic categories and to equip them with the skills and knowledge of designing strategies that can be used to transit the life in better form. At the end of the session facilitators were asked to fill their feedback forms and submit them, and the Resource Persons were shown gratitude with a vote of thanks.

The workshop was quite informative, educative and interactive

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