• Shruti Bhatt

Coronavirus updates: Trump declares national emergency; schools in 12 states shut down

In a roller-coaster day of coronavirus-related events, President Donald Trump declared a national emergency Friday to provide disaster funding, speed up the U.S. response to the crisis and offer “maximum flexibility” to attack the problem.

Trump, speaking from the White House Rose Garden, said the move would free up $50 billion in additional disaster funding and would also allow the Department of Health and Human Services to waive regulations and laws to deliver coronavirus testing quicker.

The president said the emergency measures will allow “maximum flexibility to respond to the virus and to care for patients.” He said some of the steps could open up such local innovations as drive-through testing.

“No resource will be spared,” Trump said.

Word of the announcement comes amid efforts by the House to agree with the administration on a massive federal response to the crisis following a week of huge swings on Wall Street.

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