COVID 19 : MY REFLECTIONS 7 the TEAM – Professor O.P Sharma, Director General, Maharishi University

COVID 19 : MY REFLECTIONS 7 the TEAM – Professor Group Captain O.P Sharma, Director General, Maharishi University of Information Technology

COVID 19 : MY REFLECTIONS 7 the TEAM The word TEAM consists of four letters T E A M .each letter signifies the meaningful import .Pl read: T for Togetherness E for Enthusiasm A for Alertness : physical; intellectual; spiritual M for Morale the belongingness one for all and all for one TEAM operates through three fundamentals; these being ● All members are equally important: Principle of equal importance. ● All members depend on one another for effective team performance in realization of set goals by harnessing the strength of each other as well as supplementing the weaknesses of each other :Principle of Dependence for exemplifying the concept of RIGHT MAN FOR RIGHT JOB . ● All got to engage in continuous,consistant and complete communication : Principle of 4 C continuous,consistant,complete communication Relating the aforesaid to the existing call for COPING with COVID 19 let us take on briefly to understand that each one of us must transform our I into WE. And this could we possible in working as TEAM .The commitment for maintaining the preventive and or therapeutic discipline with regard to the guidelines during and or after lockdown got to be TOTAL .its a do or die situation and this can be challenged with strong will to work as TEAM ! Good Luck and God Speed!

By Prof. O P Sharma Director General & President Maharishi University Of Information And Technology Noida

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