Delhi Govt Issues Guidelines For Schools Reopening From January 18

New Delhi: The Delhi Government has decided to resume offline classes for the students of Class 10 and Class 12 from January 18. The decision to reopen the schools for the students of Class 10 and Class 12 has been taken so that schools can prepare the students due to take the upcoming 2021 board exams. The CBSE 2021 Class 10 and CBSE Class 12 board examinations are scheduled to start from May 1 and the schools will hold the CBSE board Class 10 and Class 12 practical, project, and internal assessment exams on their own between March 1 and April 30.

The Delhi government, today, on January 13, has issued a “plan of activities” for the academics and examinations as to how the schools affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will resume the schools for face-to-face learning and the standard operating procedures to be followed while conducting the practical and pre-board examinations.

reference: https://www.ndtv.com/education/delhi-government-issues-guidelines-for-schools-reopening-for-classes-10-12-from-january-18

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