Delhi Govt to organize international conference on the school education system in the Post-COVID era

The conference will reflect on Delhi's education reforms, learn from global best practices and explore the possibilities of collaboration with other stakeholders as a way forward

NEW DELHI: In a bid to study and discuss school education in the post-COVID-19 era and to shape the New Education Policy (NEP) and improve the education system from elementary school to college level, the Delhi Government is going to conduct 'Delhi Education Conference' on an international level with 22 education experts as panelists from across the country and abroad. The international level education conference will be organized between January 11 to 17 and will have education experts from India, Finland, Germany, Singapore, Canada, and the US. These experts will join the panel and have discussions on different themes of schools. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government has also launched a special website for this international conference on Wednesday.

Launching the website, Deputy Chief Minister who is also the Education Minister Manish Sisodia, said, "We need to plan about our schools in post COVID era just as we are planning about the COVID vaccination. Corona Virus has created an unprecedented situation for children. Therefore, schooling and learning in post COVID era cannot be business as usual. So, the government is organizing the conference to brainstorm the future of school education."

REFERENCE: https://www.edexlive.com/news/2021/jan/07/delhi-govt-to-organise-international-conference-on-the-school-education-system-in-post-covidera-17107.html

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