Diwali & Children’s Day Message By Sanjana Bakshi Datta, Principal, DAV RK Puram, Delhi

Diwali & Children's Day Message By Sanjana Bakshi Datta, Principal, DAV RK Puram, Delhi

Diwali & Children’s Day Message By Sanjana Bakshi Datta, Principal, DAV RK Puram, Delhi.

14th Nov is celebrated as Children’s Day ,birthday of our First PM Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru ,he said children are like buds in garden and should be carefully and lovingly nurtured , as they are the future of the nation and the citizens of tomorrow . Everything about this day is special as children are the most precious gift God has given to mankind As an educator its utmost duty to teach children ,irrespective of the fact to which class creed or religion they belong ,human values to grow up as good human beings Usher them with love and positivity and show them the way to be more kind to this planet In our school children’s day was celebrated where kids shared their pictures wearing attire of Chacha Nehru ,Dance party , learning how to make Chacha Nehrus cap and gifting to their siblings ,playing virtual games , speech on Chacha Nehru .

This year Diwali ,Festival of Lights, is also being celebrated on same day .It is celebrated on Amavasya in the Hindu of Kartik .This year 2020 the breakdown of pandemic has brought lot of sorrow and misery all over the world and made us rethink that we cannot over power nature we need to have feeling of gratitude for nature for all gifts it had bestowed on us . We all humans became selfish and crossed our limits to over power nature .Nature has given us warnings but we ignored now we need to rethink and mould our ways from selfish humanity to selfless humanity Let’s share and care ,within our limits ,with those who are deprived of basic eminities Let’s spread positivity and open new account of humane nature Diwali marks welcome to Lord Rama with his wife Sita and younger brother Laxman back to Ayodhya ,victory of good over evil, on this day Lord Krishna killed Narkasura a demon ,it is also night of MATA Lakshmis marriage and many more mythological stories linked to it Let’s learn from all of these stories to do good deeds to have a peaceful and prosperous life ahead We must avoid bursting crackers as we have seen that it creates pollution and also causes many ailments and disturbs others We need to celebrate in such a way that neither nature nor humanity is harmed God also says do not do such deed which brings happiness to you yourself but harm others

I wish all to celebrate Green Diwali – not to burn crackers but Burn your ego Blast your selfish feelings Light Diya of kindness ,care and concern Let’s donate so that no one sleeps empty stomach No child is devoid of education Every contribution small or big will bring smile in someone’s life

This year we need to avoid get together too to save ourselves and others from Covid -19 virus ,wishes can be exchanged on virtual platform

It’s a pan India festival that brings all Indians in a fun filled celebration full of colour , fragrance ,taste and rituals .

In our school kids made rangoli, decorated divas ,wrote slogans on “No crackers ” , toran ,chandelier and Lord Ganesha poster using tree leaves and flowers and various decorative items like candle stand from best out of waste in craft work ,decorating puja thali , Mythological stories narrated by students related to Diwali , Virtual Diwali party arranged in which kids shared the dishes made by them and kids dressed up in traditional attire and danced on Diwali songs Later kids will share pictures how they decorated their home to welcome Mata Laxmi Kids also donated their old clothes and sweets to less privileged kids Every gesture is teaching a lesson that Festival means to share and care for each other

Let’s all pledge we will enlighten our inner self this Diwali Light lamp of love Blast chain of sorrow Shoot rocket of prosperity Fire a flowerpot of happiness wish you and your family a sparkling DIWALI

Sanjana Bakshi Datta Principal DAV RK Puram Delhi

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