Diwali Greetings from Ms Anubha Srivastava, Founder Principal, DIS Edge, Dwarka, Delhi

Diwali Greetings from Ms Anubha Srivastava, Principal, DIS Edge, Dwarka, Delhi

Diwali Greetings from Ms Anubha Srivastava, Founder Principal, DIS Edge, Dwarka, Delhi.

This Diwali is unlike any Diwali that one has ever seen in the history of mankind. Even when the traditions of exchanging gifts and lighting “Diyas” cross the mind as a synonym of Diwali, the priority is not about cleaning the houses or preparing sweets and feasts. The sparkle of crackers, new clothes, glittering jewellery is not so important. We are witnessing the world struggle for survival. We today are one unit as mankind across the globe, pooling our efforts to fight the battle against a miniscule virus. The members of society are holding each other's hands, supporting in testing times & reducing our wants and desires so that more resources are available to meet the needs of the larger community. This Diwali is all about empathy, trust, hope and faith. We are grateful to be breathing, our hearts beating with life, our souls singing prayers and songs of hope. We, as humans are social animals. We need hugs and handshakes, we need family and we need crowd as well. The social distancing and stay at home limits have added to the challenges posed by pay cuts and jobs lost. The days are harshest for our children. They are too tender to understand what’s happening to the world. They need more than normal love and attention so that the alienation from the society does not scar their delicate psychology. This is also the time when the real heroes are the ones serving on the streets. The health workers, Public servants, Social workers and all those who stepped out of their houses to help and support the needy are the true superman and batman and power puff girls! Let the children know who the real heroes are. Let them be the significant helping hand in day to day chores. When they learn to care for the plants & pets, and help with the nitty gritty of everyday routine, they are learning the real lessons of life. Each one of us also hold a larger role of preventing the spread by observing all precautions, spreading awareness and curtailing the growth curve till we have a vaccine in place to handle the battle front. The children speak the language which they hear and observe , which makes the living examples from adults around them very crucial. Safe and sustainable practices are the light and crackers for this Diwali in essence.

I extend to each one of you my most sincere greetings for the unconditional support that you have extended to some or the other during this period of uncertainty. All heroes of the pandemic have been the source of strength to me.

I recall the days from my fraternity when with themself not being well, a teacher continued working from home and never allowed a day of weakness for the students and the parents. There have also been losses in the school's family and yet, the functioning have been ceaseless. These are such strong examples of service which words fail to express.

Let us light the "Diyas" for the positive rays , and also light the “Diyas” for the souls who left us for heaven above. Let us raise toast for the loved ones with us and relish the togetherness of our families in the warmth of our houses. Let us embrace the happiness of giving to the children and dear ones the most precious gift : the gift of our time , attention and love. Let us pledge the lessons of simple living high thinking towards a sustainable and brighter tomorrow.

This Diwali, I invoke "Maa Lakshmi", the Goddess of wealth to bless the world with prosperity of life.

About Ms Anubha Srivastava : Anubha is currently the founder Principal with Delhi International School Edge, Dwarka, New Delhi. She has over 20 years of experience in the academic field . A Postgraduate in Science, with a research experience in Molecular Biology and Medicinal Phytochemistry; she has served educational sector in various capacities. She has successfully nurtured her skills through kindergarten years, primary learners and has spend her teaching career with secondary and senior secondary students. Prior to joining schools, she was associated with NSIT, Dwarka in the Dept of Biotechnolgy and has also taught MSc and PhD courses in Pantnagar University. A brief profile of Academic Journey

Anubha Srivastava, has been associated with teaching of Biology since 1997. She has taught courses of Plant Physiology at BSc to PhD level in Pantnagar University & Biotechnology at BTech level at NSIT, Dwarka. The school journey began with teaching in various renowned CBSE Schools in NCR onwards 2002. The senior secondary teaching experience since 2003 is for AISSCE Biology and Biotechnology with a consistent class average of more than 80% . The experiences as Examiner and Asst. Head Examiner for CBSE paper checking for Biology and Biotechnology during the teaching tenure has added to the deeper understanding of paper setting and assessment modalities of the board. There have been various associations with reputed organizations (like PUSA Institute, JNU, Genetics Dept Delhi University to name a few) for subject enrichment of students. She has also contributed to development of Science / Biology kit with NCERT team which is now used extensively as a basic kit for practical. She has been frequently invited to various academic institutions, schools and think-tanks, as well as on CBSE Capacity Building Programs for teacher training , to speak on areas like Teaching methodologies of science and biology, pedagogical practices to improve experiential learning in sciences for primary and secondary level, Environmental sensitization programs & digital learning of practical science. She has been leading K-12 school since 2015 and has fetched laurels to her school which includes bagging the Green School Award by Ministry of Environment for past 5 consecutive years and winning 1st Position at National Level in Adobe Creativity Challenge 2019.

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