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Education unlocks during lockdown – Dr. Anshu Arora

Education unlocks during lockdown

COVID-19 has been a very hectic phase both in terms of ‘work from home’ and ‘work at home!’

I am sure this too shall pass. But I am exhilarated and amazed to see how a normal tradition school (Amity) housing 2000 children has turned online almost overnight. Before the lockdown was announced, we had decided to covert 7-8 classrooms into studios for conduct of classes but things moved too fast and we were forced to shut our campus. Did that deter us or our plan? Not at all. We decided to send assignments with video links to all our students and a few days later, we decided to host live online classes. Were my teachers trained for it? not even a wee bit. So, we conducted online training sessions for teachers. Of course, they were quite a few sessions and endless ppts and PDFs shared as knowledge resource. Ultimately, we were ready to roll out the online time table.

Needless to say, that parents had to be oriented. There were many instructions and messages shared with parents on a daily basis. Then came the teething problems like poor connectivity, problems with hardware and to top it all online indiscipline. Well, whenever there is a problem there is also a solution and so all our issues were tackled and eventually all stake holders were on the same page. Online School something that we had never even dreamt of became a reality!

Indeed, every cloud has a silver lining but I am lucky since I got an opportunity to carve it, showcase it and see it.

From Dr. Anshu Arora Principal Amity International School Sector-43, Gurugram

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