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Feel the unfelt affect of COVID 19 – Tashi Namgyal, The Mann School

The world going through a tough time and the people behold their hands together to fight this disease. But if we recap things, it was not like that people weren’t too cooperative. The karma follows through centuries, i.e. tit for tat. We in greed, misery played a lot with this Scared Earth. Now we should give some times to heal up. When we get admitted to a hospital, we provide time to heal our body the same goes for the earth. We plan to shift humanity to mars even knowing that globe’s the best option they ever got. Years by years, people’s greed increases, so the karma says give it a pause. Nowadays we all are in lockdown go out of your house or be in your balcony. Feel the air you breathe, see the sky and make your eye shine, the bird’s chirping was never bad the horns of cars. It’s the difference when ages before our ancestor or our parents don’t have these technologies. We have got a chance to live the same without blunder of stress. Take COVID – 19 as a god’s karma (I’m not particular to any god.) for humanity to fell it and to know what we are dealing with this earth is not good. See the time when countries used to fight with each other, interfere in other’s problems. Now that states are on knee solving their problem. If you want to feel the problem feel nature and if you’re going to feel sad in these situations, find the antidote.

From Tashi Namgyal Class 12 The Mann School

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