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Future Technologies in Current Scenario- Dr. Seema Dutt

“Future Technologies in Current Scenario”

In the beginning of 2020 we were expecting that this year will be technology changing. We will be comparing smart glasses BOSE v/s GOOGLE, smart data,updating our contact list automatically based on our emails, messages, smart houses, smart appliances, virtual reality games, biofuels and renewable energy etc. But to our shock covid19 knocked the door in the end February and not only India but the world was put to halt as if earth is going under renovation. Undoubtedly, tough time for all at work from home was the only solution and we started looking for technology. Schools shuttered and families hunkered down.

As school leaders, it was a major challenge to declare results online, teach online and specially in remote areas where parents were unaware of use of tools to connect. Post lockdown these techsavy students will have to be taught technically or we as educators can think of education world on renovation.Student’s education can be totally online. School expenses incurred on huge infrastructure can be curtailed. Children can be indirectly in touch with their teachers. No need to carry heavy loads of bags. One laptop or ipad can serve the purpose. Online test will help in saving stationary as well. Administrator will can appoint teachers trained in online teaching, online system operator,online question bank, online correction bank, online counsellors for chatting with students, online transactions and feedback team. No PTMs, online results can be sent at one click. Time will be the utmost importance.

Dr. Seema Dutt Principal DAV Public School Ambala Cantt

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