Updated: Jul 30, 2019

The "HAPPINESS CURRICULUM" launched by the Delhi govt. This course will be applicable to all schools in Delhi govt. from the next education session.Under it every class from nursery to eighth grade will have one period of happiness subject in all govt schools of Delhi.

Beginning Tuesday,The directorate of education Delhi is organizing a 15 days "Happiness Utsav" across all its schools to celebrate the first year of the "Happiness Curriculum" the Delhi govt is organizing the "Happiness utsav" to mark the first year of the curriculum's launch said Education Minister Manish Sisodia.

The Happiness Utsav launched across all 1,031 schools of the directorate to celebrate the success of the 'Happiness curriculum" and the positive impact it made on the children studying in govt schools.

Many schools have also started the happiness curriculum as a new department.This curriculum has started in many countries of the world.Basically Delhi govt. focuses on holistic education by including meditation,value education,and mental exercises in conventional education curriculum.

The govt of Delhi is gearing up its road map from experts ,including those in govt schools in Delhi. It courses through activities.

The curriculum for all the classes will have a total of 160 stories.The first 60 stories were.Chairman said,removing some old stories has added many new stories.Many of the activities are being increased.Also, every Saturday's reflection sessions where prices are being taught in games,it is being given more details.things like respect,trust,affection will last a year.

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