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How do I engage Myself during Lockdown – Neha Verma, BK Sr Sec School

How do I engage Myself during Lockdown

Today, Coronavirus has become a serious cause of global fear and concern. That’s why Lockdown is very important to save our whole Country. However, we can avoid the life threatening the virus from affecting us by using various preventive measures such as use of a mask , regularly washing hands with Soap and Water, etc. In this difficult time, we should not leave our hope because – “Hope against Hope is only Hope that keeps the Hope alive.” I know that we all are feeling bore at home, so how we can engage ourself during these days in a positive way.

These are some of the ways: –

Catch up with your Reading skill:- According to me, Books are our best friends forever. Reading books is a good habit and they refresh our mood. We always complain about not having the time to read our favourite books because of our tight schedule. So, this is a perfect time to read the different types of books like story books, fictions, comics of our favourite authors.

Second:- We Make should Aware the Society People:- As a good citizen and Student, it is our responsibility towards our nation to aware our neighbors who taking this serious problem in a light way and not following the rules and regulations such as staying home, use of the mask, etc. I know, this is a small step but a great effort towards our safety.

“We can never stop the sunset, but we can stop the COVID-19”.

Third:- Meditation and Morning Exercise: – It is a powerful Mental tool that increases our focus. Morning Exercise is very helpful for us. Morning Exercise is very helpful for us. It is probably the best time. We can indulge in exercising and ensuring that we remain healthy and fit. It will not only improve our mood but also increase our Confidence.

Fourth:- Helping Our Mother: – This is the best time to spend our time with our Mother. My Mother is not only My best teacher but also a true friend. She is role Model of my life. She always does all the house works but never complains. It is a good time to help her in Kitchen work’s like cutting the vegetables, kneading the doughs, etc. We will also learn how to cook the food and also learn many things with the help of her.

Fifth:- By doing other Activities: – Morning time is best time, being among plants and trees because they give us a sense of relief. We can use the old newspaper and makes the decorating things. We can watch the different types of Movies, Serials and listen to our favourite Songs of our favourite singers, etc. We should learn something new from our parents because –

“Learning gives Creativity, Creativity leads to thinking, Thinking provides knowledge, Knowledge makes you great.” These words are said by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

Conclusion:- So, these are some of the ways, We can engage ourself during these days in a positive way.

” ..East or West, Home is the best, Take some rest, don’t call any guest. This is my humble request to all of you.

Neha Verma B.K. SR.SEC. SCHOOL Class:- 10th

Jahangirabad, District Bulandshar

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