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How Do I Study At Home During Covid-19 Lockdown – Mayra Arora

How do I study at home?

The dreaded coronavirus disease had confined everyone in their houses. The resulting lockdown period has been quite a complex, stressful and challenging time for most of us. Like other places, schools have been closed and students are forced to study from home. Most children find this awfully boring and nearly impossible. On the contrary, when I first heard the news of lockdown, I saw a hidden opportunity in this precious time. I wanted to keep my optimism and productivity up. Normally a working school day consumes all my productive hours and there is little time left for deep reflective learning. I now have plenty of time to read for days together ( not to mention that I am a voracious reader ), watch (on youtube ) and then try out science experiments, try my hands on poetry and catch up with cousins on video calls. The no-pressure study was one of the most fruitful learning experiences I have had. Staying indoors is not as terrible as I had imagined. Self-restraint and self-control are good character building teachers. A set routine and the right mindset also help a lot. No doubt that this is a difficult period but don’t forget that“ Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.“ ( African proverb )

From Myra Arora Class 7th Bal Bharati Public School, Rohini Delhi

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