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India is one of the most secular country of this world. There are more than 100 religions in India, approximately 250 languages and thousands of festivals. One of these pious festivals is Diwali. It is one of the most auspicious day in Hindu Mythology. We get holidays to spend our Diwali with joy, love, care and affection. I spent my Diwali vacations helping my family cleaning the house, making arrangements for worship, completing my homework, playing games on my play station and listening to songs. Couple of days prior to Diwali I and my siblings requested all our neighbours, relatives and friends not to burst firecrackers. The social message was passed to everyone while we visited their houses to greet them prosperous Diwali. We distributed clothes and sweets to needy people and provided shelter to few dogs in our street that night. In the night our house was lit up with diyas, candles and light bulbs. What gave me the most satisfaction is the fact that whole neighbourhood made a point to not burn crackers. I never thought that a simple request can bring such a change.. it was the most satisfying and joyful Diwali I ever had.

Anirudh Sharma

9th A

The Mann School, Holambi, Delhi

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