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In most of the houses Diwali preparations begins weeks ago but at my place it started couple of days before the celebration as my mother is a working lady and she don’t get such kind of time. So in order to finish job at hand (cleaning and decorations) we had to work swiftly.

On the first day of my Diwali vacation, it was Dhanteras and I along with my mother cleaned the whole house. We distributed work areas – as she was cleaning the idols of lords, I dusted the furniture and what not. In the evening, I went to the jewellery shop and as a tradition bought a gold coin. We also purchased sweets and decoration material. After returning we changed, said some prayers and enjoyed the delicacies prepared by my granny.

The next morning we went shopping and bought traditional clothes to be worn next day and few accessories to be worn with attire. In the evening we said prayers and completed the decorations. Next day on Diwali we started our day with visits to our relatives house in order to greet them Diwali with chocolates and sweets. After returning back my mother took charge of kitchen and prepared numerous delicacies to be relished after evening prayers dedicated to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi while I took the charge of Rangoli making. Once we were done with our piece of work , we changed and I took lots of picture to show off my traditional wears. Later I decorated my Rangoli with DIY lotus diyas that I made.

At night my mother gave me and my brother the gifts she bought for us and to her surprise we also gave gifts to her and my grandmother.

Diwali brings joy and happiness in everyone’s life and like every year I enjoyed my festive vacations to its fullest.

Lakshita Burolia

9th A

The Mann School, Holambi Delhi

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