Delhi Govt make a plan to take education to a next level

NEW DELHI: Delhi government plans to work on raising the pass percentage of students in Class IX in government schools, improve the performance of 25% of Class VIII students who do not possess foundational competencies, and increase enrolment in government institutions.

These imperatives were highlighted in a report titled ‘School Education Reforms in Delhi’, launched on Monday. Alongside these challenges, the report observed that 95% of parents and teachers in a survey believed the quality of education in the capital had improved after the reforms introduced during 2015-20.

Deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia, said, “We have succeeded in creating excellent school infrastructure, imparting teachers’ training, and improving student performances. But the real success will come when every child leaves the school with a passion to do something for the country and commits to driving change.”

The deputy CM hoped to soon see the positive impact of the happiness and entrepreneurship curriculum adopted by Delhi government schools.


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