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How to engage yourself during lockdown – Rishabh Papnoi, The Mann School

The world is suffering through a pandemic; the streets which used to be crowded feel deserted and we who would go to different places at different times are locked inside our own houses. Each one is facing various problems; the ones who went for foreign trips are locked there surviving on their own, the ones who are away from their loved ones are afraid of losing them. Despite all of this, we all are going through the same pain. As I said earlier that we all are locked inside of our houses and are getting bored because we feel there’s nothing to do. We all are aware of our current situation, so why not take advantage of it? We all look at it from a negative point, but why? Why are we not taking at it as a plus point? We can spend this lockdown like our usual vacations, and all we have to do is find some ways, and it’s not that difficult even. We can do things that we don’t get to do often. We can know our family history by spending time with our grandparents; we can learn different hobbies such as dancing, singing, sketching, painting, playing, we can go back to our childish world by listening to stories from our parents, we can revive our memories by taking a look at our trip album. Those who live in societies can go down jogging in the mornings. Carrom, chess, ludo are incredible indoor games that can be played with family. This is just a glimpse of the ideas about how we can enjoy ourselves during this lockdown period; other views you can discover yourself.

From Rishabh Papnoi Class 10 The Mann School, Delhi

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