Igniting Dreams of Young Minds (IDYM Foundation)

Igniting Dreams of Young Minds (IDYM Foundation) provides a platform to all school and college students to dream and explore about space and satellites. It is on an initiative to help them build & develop their own satellite with hands-on experiments. The team includes space experts from NASA, alumni of IITs who have an experience of building their own satellite under the guidance of ISRO. IDYM is on a vision to empower the young minds to unmask and uncover their latent potential, starting with the first step: dream.

Founder, Director Mr. Ravishankar believes that space is a drawing board where a kid can make anything with his/her imagination and can explore indefinitely. He is passionately motivated to take the foundation ahead on the journey of self-reliant India with educating and helping students to build their own space projects.

IDYMF has successfully organised 120+ workshops in the last 5 months, covering all the 29 states of India along with many international workshops in 10+ countries. IDYMF has gotten a record 20000+ students ignited using online workshops on space and satellite learnings ranging from class 4th to 12th. 50+ space and education experts build the strong base for the foundation to reach great heights. The experts with their experience of satellite building include Ms. Manvi Dhawan From the desk of IDYM Foundation from IIT Bombay with experience of ISRO & DRDO projects, Mr. Swapnanil Talukdar from NASA – two-time recipient of president award, Er. Yash Sanghvi - gold medalist from IIT Bombay and Mr. Anmol Sikka - space enthusiast from IIT Bombay who started a new satellite project in the campus in his final year of engineering. The great inspiring seed of IDYM can be seen through the great achievement of Swapnil More, Class 9th Student, Prince English CBSE School, M.H. who built his own satellite and launched in space.

Founder, President Ratnesh Mishra with expertise of building Pratham - first student satellite of IIT Bombay launched with ISRO PSLV C35 on Sept. 2016, believes that we are not allowing students to dream if you are not letting them learn about space and satellites.

IDYM Foundation is currently connecting all such space experts with every young mind, and it is on track to help students build their own satellite with future aim of building the first space school in India. Satellite building initiative involves the student teams from different schools to apply for the “Ignite Mission” program and the selected team gets the 1-month training from the experts with visits to space labs in India. 6-months program leads to the complete building of satellite with learning through lectures, workshops, hands-on training, simulation training, testing trails of space experiment. The complete training will be performed at high-tech satellite, space labs planned to be setup by IDYM partnered organizations for all space enthusiasts all over India. Innovative learning approach and inspiring journey of the experts help schools to get involved in the space journey at whatever level they would like to join, some at building satellites and others with building ground stations to track the satellites. IDYM is growing with volunteers including various principals and directors from renowned schools. It also takes part in various social initiatives like tree plantation and books donation drive, to reach out to all the people in need.

Contact - +916204560934

Website Link : www.ignitingyoungminds.com


Facebook Link : https://www.facebook.com/IDYM2020

Youtube Link : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgcD3nrcb4QiqE7q0gtmtzA/videos

IDYM Workshop and Team Pictures

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