Little Flowers Group of Schools adds virtual wings to the celebration of 46th Foundation Day

New Delhi : "Little Flowers Group of Schools adds virtual wings to the celebration of 46th Foundation Day "

Little Flowers Group of Schools celebrated its 46th Foundation Day on 10th May,2020

with the same zeal and spirit which it always displays on this grand occasion. The School follows the ideology of its founder Shri D.R. Patel who believed that one should never give up before challenges only then one can emerge as victorious in the race of life. The school was determined not to lose its enthusiasm despite of panic caused by the pandemic Corona. The school inspired its little flowers to be transformed into dazzling stars and form the constellations to illuminate the melancholy sky with the brilliance of their talent on the virtual platform of Facebook and Zoom. Each and every student from every class and from all branches participated with great zeal. The occasion was celebrated for two days ,9th and 10th May serving the opportunity to all students. The stage was set on fire with live performances where tiny tots to super excited teenagers presented poems, acts, dance, songs and assured the future that mulitude of artists, singers, Orators and actors are being treasured affectionately in the garden of Little Flowers Public School. Many alumni also joined this virtual platform along with the School Manager Ma'am Mrs. C.M. Patel, the Principal Ma'am Mrs. Neeta Dua and many other dignitaries of the School Management and boosted the morale of the students. The school owes the success of this celebration to the students, the praiseworthy support of parents and salutable dedication of the staff.

"Look at the virtual sky set above,Where the Little Flowers have been assembled to dazzle the world, Let's welcome the 46th Foundation Day,and invite the talent to go unfurled."

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