Mental Health Festival, a start of new initiative to prevent suicidal tendency & mental disorder

The National Mental Health Survey of India 2015-16 found that nearly 10 per cent cent of the population were affected by common mental disorders, including depression, anxiety disorders and substance use disorders. Over 150 million people have so e form of mental health issues. Mostly in the younger age 13-35 range.

One of India's top Teenage Mental Health Counselling and Life-Career guidance advisory - a not for profit organisation. The India Excellence Forum organised a mega event for all stakeholders in collaboration with the Gautam Budh University NOIDA.

The event which was inaugurated by the VC of Rajya Sabha involves schools and GB university based program series which will be run across the year to create awareness on the subject of mental health and suicide prevention among students, parents, teachers and those who can come forward to support the initiative.

This will run across the NOIDA and Greater Noida region. And also involve local mohallas, police stations and local area management councils. The GBU hopes to scale this model to J&K and other areas of the country.

Says Probir Roy, President of IEF..". Ief will identify , select, sponsor, train, certify and conduct refresher courses for over 100 BEHAVIOURAL MENTORS in a phased manner and also conduct it's own BE WELL and BEING WELL product intervention in schools, communities and colleges around the region.

Says Manab Misra Secy General "..Till date IEF has addrsseed more than 10,000 student , teachers, parent and principals from Kupwara to Mangalore. And Mumbai to Hojai, Assam over the last few years"

Says Arti Ahluwalia vice president Ief and trustee of IEF says " conducted specific cyber disorder and deviancy awareness and intervention programs in Haryana State and for 100 teachers/principal s in Bombay"

Lira Priyadarshini herself a IIMA graduate and top brand expert and woman entrepreneur in parenting .." 80% of today's 9-12 classe student have some form of mental health issues. This needs a long term panacea for a swasth Bharat - mansikh swasth"

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