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Message to students before 12th Board Exam or How to release board exam stress - Mrs Neeta Dua

"Examination just tests your memory, it does not define your life. It can't confine your dreams. It can't tie your wings of accomplishment."

An examination is nothing more than introspection. It is natural to get stressed during exam days, after all, we are human beings. But many students and even parents suffer from exam phobia and get burned out. What happens actually, when we treat something like trouble, it really starts troubling us. But let me remind you, dear students, exams are not tougher than you. You have studied for the whole year, prepared yourself very well, so stop worrying and brace yourself with positive thinking.

Everyone has the same twenty-four hours. Some consume this period in dreaming while others consume it in working. Now your strategic planning and time management are going to save you from anxiety. Here are some tips for you to distress the stress instead of distressing yourselves:

1. Fuel yourself effectively: It is an established fact that food affects our thoughts and capabilities. Take light food, fruits, milk, walnuts, almonds, etc. at regular intervals. Avoid junk food or oily food. Don't ignore breakfast. It is the most important meal for activating your mind.

2. Get proper sleep: If you go to bed rather late or worried about the exam, you will find it harder to sleep. It will be better if you avoid revising tough chapters at night. Start them in the morning when the mind is fresh and quite active. This will save your time and energy.

3. Don't Avoid Topics You Dislike: Dwelling on tough topics might seem like a wastage of time, so don't over think about them but don't even ignore them, try them time to time if you want to score well. You must have heard -

'करत करत अभ्यास ते जङमति होत सुजान ।'

Practice makes one perfect. Keep practising. You may discuss such topics with your peers.

4. Avoid Negative Vibes: Do not let others moan about - Who's more stressed?? Who's more susceptible to exam phobia? Think positive, your preparation is sufficient and you can win this hurdle race smoothly.

5. Marks Don't Matter More Than You:

One question paper can't judge your creativity or capabilities. Give your best efforts but don't give in or give up. Solve sample papers, follow a timetable, avoid social media, play outdoor games, meditate, perform yoga to beat the stress away. Know your worth, show your worth!

All the best!! Your bright future lies in your hands!!!!

Mrs Neetu Dua

School Principal

Little Flowers Sr. Sec. School

Shivaji Park, Shahdara, New Delhi

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