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NCERT survey finds only 20% school students are happy

All CBSE/ICSE affiliated schools to introduce laughing classes once a week

Shocking revelations were made during the survey conducted by NCERT, which showed that only 20 per cent of children were happy in their lives. Taking note of these findings, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) have decided to hold laughing classes in affiliated schools once a week from the coming session. The stress of homework and examinations, pressure from parents to achieve good results and teachers’ pressure to maintain proper atmosphere and behaviour in the class is taking a toll on the happiness of children. The survey further reveals that there are nearly 30 per cent students, who laugh only once in the entire day. These days students are under immense pressure. “The CBSE and the ICSE have given instructions to schools to hold laughing classes once a week. Schools have been asked to fix a day according to their convenience. During the class, students will be allowed to laugh their heart out. They can crack jokes, enact and mimic. It will relieve stress from their minds and ultimately help them in being stress-free in their lives,” said a CBSE school principal. “Happiness index will rise in the laughing class. Teachers, who will hold these classes, will be selected carefully. Teachers, who are able to connect with students, will be selected,” she added. “There is so much pressure on kids these days that they have forgotten to laugh and smile. Their lives are so busy that they get hardly any time for recreational activity. Schools are paying attention to the behaviour of students and end up being strict. They leave no room for a hearty laugh,” said Dr Aman Kalra, a city-based psychologist. “As an old saying goes ‘Laughing is the best medicine’ I am sure laughing classes that are being introduced in schools will help students in the long run,” she added.

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Reference-The Tribune

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