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Poem on Corona virus effects – Dr Sangeeta Saxena, Principal, Educomp

Poem on Corona virus effects

Hey virus, don’t think we are worried Everything in life smoothly carried We have saved litres of petrol Staying home, yet justifying our payroll We are avoiding car ride Now taking steps at home rules we abide The sun and moon are dearer Oh! the blue sky Is clearer The nature is under maintenance and repair We have to learn to respect environment with care The noisy roads are all so silent We hear the chirping birds, not violent Spending time with our loved ones Joining the missing code, no more lonesome Also the cleaning of home is intense We have learnt healthy Tips and hygiene secure We are having personal grooming and charms Not waking up early with alarms Also we have rejuvenated with old friends Connecting to the forgotten stories with loose ends Thanks to the media for keeping us updated No complaints on postponing of programmes slated Health is wealth is a true say Hygiene and fruits keeps doctors away No more honking cars We are away distance far The breeze has the leaves waving The world is healing with birds chirping Now we are strong heroes alive Sharing socially tips to survive Just fourteen days to come to normal routine We are equipped for all emergencies seen.

Dr. Sangeeta Saxena Principal Educomp

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