School Journey During COVID-19 Lockdown - Ramagya School, Dadri

Dadri, Uttar Pradesh: School Journey During COVID-19 Lockdown - Ramagya School, Dadri

The situation was grim, the schools had been shut, as the entire country had been put under lockdown but Learning can never be stop. K12 News had a brief discussion with Ms Taruna Kappor, Principal, Ramagya School, Dadri on brilliantly managing e-schooling & other activities for students during this Global Pandemic.

Few Highlights of All Activities During this Pandemic in Ramagya School, Dadri Are:

- VIRTUAL CLASSES-Our primary concern was to save lives, at that moment, and everything else was secondary. Yet the education of the children is also of immense importance to us. Thus to continue with the studies of the children, we opted for virtual classes through the Zoom App.It was not an easy task for the teachers and the students to get acclimatized to this new change, but we did not accept defeat, and our efforts were coming to fruition Not only the classes, but we had started giving homework and classwork, tests were also being conducted, checked on Whatsapp. Moreover, now the activities and the celebrations were also being conducted.

- EARTH DAY-Ramagya school, Dadri also celebrated “The Earth Day” to make our children aware, and for our little ones to be the responsible citizens of the world. We had zoom meetings with the people around the globe, who care and want to spread awareness among masses. To let Earth live. The Zoom meeting was with Ms. Manuela from Portugal. She shared pictures, which brought forth the drastic impact of plastic pollution on the inhabitants of the Earth. The students’also prepared some posters, slogans and speeches which they presented on the occasion.

Paintings made by the students were sent to Serbia, On” The Earth Day”. “Every Canvas is a journey all its own. “The children made colorful pictures, depicting their concern for the Earth, this planet which is deteriorating fast enough, and this is the time to act or to take effective steps to curb pollution, plant trees, clean rivers, lakes and other water bodies.

- FATHERS DAY-We celebrated the “Father’s Day”, in our own special way, during the Corona Pandemic. The students uploaded the videos of the way they had celebrated the “Father’s day”. Some children presented gifts to their father, some sang songs, some presented “Cards”, and some just presented the words of love, affection and gratitude towards their father.

- ZOOM MEETING WITH BRAZIL- The Zoom App,we were not sure about in the beginning. Which had appeared a tough task, was now being enjoyed for various school activities as well.It is the duty of a teacher, to inculcate a love for acquiring knowledge in her students through reading, writing, travelling, interacting with different people and more. The students of Ramagya Dadri, interacted with the Brazilian students to know more about them.

BOOMWHACKERS-“Where words leave off, music begins”-The students had a lesson in music from Spain.

- SUMMER CAMP-“The summer camp is about growth and accomplishment and not to just keep the kids busy”. Knowing, learning, grasping the otherwise difficult concepts of science and math with ease, learning English-this international language through extempore, debates, role-play. Learning to cook without fire, from the ingredients available at home during the lockdown, was all included in this summer camp.

- MOTHERS DAY-Mother’s Day was celebrated in a special way. Amother is her child’s first teacher.TO honor and respect her, to show their gratitude towards their mother, children presented cards, flowers and gifts to her. A fancy dress show was held to make this day memorable.

- EARTH DAY- Yes, we care! Sow a seed, save one drop of water, take a step to curb pollution. So that our only Planet Earth-breaths, lives and enjoys the company of human beings. This was an effort to inculcate a love for the environment through online mode during the lockdown.

- MYSTERY SKYPE-Utilizing the element of” wonder” in the nature of human beings, we had many sessions of mystery Skype.

- MEETING WITH EGYPT-“Costumes depict the culture of a Nation” the students exchanged the knowledge about the Egyptian and Indian clothes.

- APPEARANCE ON JAPANESE T.V-We said “Namaste” from India to the Japanese people, and told them about our culture, which is rich and varied.

- INTERNATIONAL WORKERS DAY- This was an endeavor to show our gratitude towards the community helpers. Children uploaded videos, acting as these community helpers.

· A GLOBAL VIRTUAL TRIP 2020 –Was held between Vietnam, The UK, Egypt, Russia, India and Belarus.-some Sustainable Development Goals were discussed.

· AND LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST-LEARN GERMAN STRAIGHT FROM GERMANY.-Ours is the first school in India where the German Classes are being held straight from Germany, through zoom.

· ALL THESE ACTIVITIES WERE HELD ONLINE THROUGH ZOOM.-It is the children who teach us by their innocent smiles, their strong belief, their courage, and the spirit to bounce back,

“HOW TO FIGHT CORONA” & Lots More Other Activities.

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