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Self-Exploration During Covid-19 Lockdown – Ananya Banerjee from St. Theresa’s Convent School,Karnal

Hearing the news of lockdown and knowing the stunning facts and figures of COVID-19 spreading its wings all over the world, I experienced a mixed feeling of fear and concern. As my gaze fell upon Nelson Mandela’s quote on my pin board, “Courage is not the absence of fear, but triumph over it”, I decided to make the best use of my quarantine by brushing up my skills and engaging myself in new ventures to learn and grow.

Interestingly, life without hustle and bustle,filled with sudden tranquility has pushed me to delve into self-development books and compose poems. Further, I spend quality time with my parents learning from their life lessons and playing childhood games.

Observing my dad obnoxiously appreciating cuisines cooked by me, strengthens my resolve to acquire culinary skills for future.

For few hours, I teach my housemaid as my social responsibility.

Her silent smile fills me with inner satisfaction.

Also, capturing Nature’s pristine beauty through the lens of my DSLR camera has become my new forte. Even more, I watch inspirational documentaries, read blogs and listen to relaxing music. To my utter surprise,I have started appreciating even the subtlest things like wandering clouds in the sky, nectar sucking hummingbirds and juice in every morsel. Before retiring to my bed, I meditate, mastering the art of replacing cravings and aversions by resilience and gratitude.

I cherish and invest each moment with optimism. Hence travel through phases of insecurity, empathy and introspection.


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