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Social Distancing – Divye Prachetas, Ramagya School, Noida

Today, we stand at a global stage where the whole world is suffering immediate demise at the hands of the worst pandemic ever known to humanity – COVID 19. On 31st December 2019, the first place to experience this ferocious pandemic was the Wuhan City of People’s Republic of China. This was, however, ignored in the first place. Later the virus spread steadily and managed to affect the far wide countries of the world. Of course, the virus was taken as a joke, but now there is no use of crying over spilt milk. Today there are more than 800,000+ cases worldwide, with America, Italy and Spain as their notable epicenters. It gives me chills down the spine as we, the advanced human, despite having made significant achievements in the field of science, are unable to decipher the cure for this deadly virus. The DNA formation and its birth source remain ambiguous.

Amidst the scare, we came to identify significant methods to avoid contact, like one of the techniques of Namaste by Israelian Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who appreciated this noble idea advised to him by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi. One of the essential and fast accepted means to avoid non-contact is by far the practice of Social Distancing. What is Social distancing?

According to modern intellectuals of the world, Social Distancing refers to a method where the citizens of a country avoid contact with themselves and make a necessary distance (1 meter defined) between them. This method is used widely across the globe, after the mass lockdowns around the world. Social distancing has managed to stop some contact between the people, but to no avail, the cases and deaths persist.

Coronavirus has managed to bring the whole world to an extreme standstill, with significant economic recession worldwide, not worst than the recessions experienced from 1923 through 1929. I had heard a fascinating thing from one of my elders, who commented that HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF. Since I am a history student, it brings me an assenting smile whenever I hear such things. The method of Social distancing can be traced back to the time when the Black Death of 1347 was the boss of all pandemics. Countries in East Asia and Europe observed a period of social distancing amongst themselves and took a vow to erase the epidemic. Since the Black death started with infection of rats, such infected rats were killed in large numbers. But of course, science was not fully mature at that period.

Me, as a noble humanist, would recommend, if history is repeating itself, then we all should sincerely follow the method of social distancing. It helped the European Villages, and of course, it will help you. Social distancing is a blessing in disguise, that’s why I can jot down this article before all of you, and it works. I have denied the entrance of any outsider and maintained a buffer stock of food items. Some criticize social distancing as a means to impose ‘Emergency’, which I don’t feel this, though I should request you all to view this so-called ‘Emergency’ as a means to eradicate Coronavirus because that social and friendly thin line of humanity between the humans should not be snapped. Everything happens for some or the other reason.

From Divye Prachetas Class 11 Ramagya School, Noida

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