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Social Distancing – Trisha Chatterjee, Ramagya School, Noida

SOCIAL DISTANCING!! Man is a social being. So when we come across the term social distancing, it somehow bothers us how we will be able to distance ourselves from our close and loved ones, for a quite reasonable period. Even the introverts at some point or other start having this feeling of frustration after staying away from their fellow beings. At this time of the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 all over the world, we hear the terms ‘quarantine’, ‘social distancing’ and stuff synonymous a lot. People on a large scale are getting these terms wrong as well.! “Social distancing” doesn’t mean to cut yourself off from everyone/society completely. Prevention are always better than a cure. But what we see in our country as well as in the other parts of the world is a terrifying panic among the people. Let us stop having these extreme panic attacks! Let us put all our trust and hope in our doctors all over the world who are fighting against it on behalf of all of us! And let’s believe that this is just a phase and it is going to pass very soon! So don’t cut yourself entirely from the world. As per the word, maintain a ‘distance’ from the ones who are contaminated or ill. Avoid being in crowdy areas, instead, have a small get together with your friends. Remember, just a few friends who don’t lead to a crowd! (Don’t have get-together if you are in an area under lockdown). Use technology to the fullest to connect to your friends and other loved ones. Also, I would like to share a few social distancing rules: * Postpone non-essential trips. * Keep a 6 feet distance from the people you meet. * Do not come under physical contact with the people you meet. * Sanitize your hands after coming from essential trips, before and after having meals and especially before coming in contact with babies. * Avoid long line-ups. * DO NOT GO OUTSIDE IF YOU ARE SICK!


From Trisha Chatterjee Class 12 Ramagya School, Noida

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