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Stay Home Stay Safe – Aachal Sharma, The Mann School

"Be informed, be prepared, be smart, be safe, and be ready to fight COVID-19." The whole world is in grave peril right now. We are facing a pandemic all over the world, i.e., COVID-19. The coronavirus has been affecting 208 countries since its outbreak in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. The WHO declared it a public health emergency of international concern on 30 January 2020, but by this time many people had been affected and had lost their lives. Right now all the countries have shut their international boundaries and whole cities fearing the virus’s outbreak in a large number. Therefore, the government of each state has one single thing from its people, i.e., social distancing, to stay at home. Countries who had neglected this virus on its outbreak and didn’t close down have been suffering the most. Therefore, a whole nation being a big family and the head of the family (government) being concerned has asked its family members to “stay home, stay safe.” The way a country is hit by war and all the people stay at home to protect themselves and the soldiers fight bravely to protect us, the same way we must remain at home and let our soldiers, our doctors help those affected by this virus. The doctors are doing their part, and we must do ours by staying at home. Since so long we all had been longing to spend some quality time with our family, take this as an opportunity to get closer to our family members rather than being busy and stressed because of work. The whole world is in danger, and we have to go through this together. Kindly stay at home and prevent this virus to spread till an antidote is found. Life is a precious gift and we must save it to do great things. Let’s not be fooled and wander around outside, cause each one of our lives is at stake and let’s not suicide by going out. Stay at home and be safe from this virus. There is no place like home, and it is a safe place where we forget all the negativity in life. So let’s stay at our safe place at our house.

Aachal Chandra Class 11 The Mann School, Delhi

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