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Stay Home Stay Safe – Deepali Vats,The Mann School

As the world is suffering a lot nowadays. The very infectious and untreatable disease COVID-19 is gripping us day by day. It is essential to stay home and stay safe from the spread of the virus. On Friday, Google joined in the effort to help contain the spread of COVID -19 pandemic world over with the doodle, with the message: stay home. Stay lives: help stop coronavirus. The deadly virus, which has dominated the headlines since the start of the year, has affected over a million and cause over more than 50,000 deaths worldwide. Friday’s doodle suggests simple, standard ways for people to spend their time creatively at home, suggesting that staying indoors needn’t necessarily be unproductive. Each letter in the word Google denotes an activity – reading, playing a musical instrument, chatting on the phone, home gymming. Google recommends standard, simple tips to stop the spread and to stay healthy, such as washing hands often for around 20 seconds each time, covering your mouth when coughing/sneezing, calling the helpline if symptoms occur. Government is urging the people to stay at home to break the chain of coronavirus. So it’s the only mantra to get rid of this virus, i.e. social distancing and to stay home and stay safe.

From Deepali Vats Class 12 The Mann School

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