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Stay Home Stay Safe – Misha Sharma, The Mann School

Novel coronavirus has spread like wildfire and already established its roots in several countries. Italy is the worst hit yet. This yet is uncertain just like the virus as it tears down nations. Experts believe that India, with a population of 1.3 billion people, is a plausible top-tier contender for the spreading of the coronavirus. Even though The government has shut down India for 21 days, we are still uncertain about our fate. Now the only question that arises is what to do to stop the bleak future from happening? Well, the only answer until now is social distancing. It cannot be stressed enough about the impact self-isolation, and social distancing can have during the pandemic. Dr. Fauci, this year’s most reliable and informative person has said(pleaded) that to flatten the curve, and the only way is to stay at home. Work, education and outgoings can be done again after the pandemic, but a life can’t be lived still. Prime Minister Modi Ji has told in the recent conference to light diyas and Candles and switch off bulbs to pay homage to our medical officers working endlessly at the frontlines. To motivate and encourage them. Still, diyas can be lit for visual support, but the only way to support the doctors and nurses is to stay at home. This virus is dangerous and doesn’t see borders or religion. So, let’s wash our hands and keep our country virus free. The only thing we have to do is Netflix and chill. The nation demands nothing else.

From Misha Sharma Class 12 The Mann School, Delhi

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