Students Learned Japanese Language & It's Importance in their career at Manava Bhawna Public School

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

New Delhi

Students Learned Kiwami Japanese (Japanese Language) & it's importance into their career at Manava Bhawna Public School Nathupura - By Kiwami in Association with #K12News (Indian Business Education Media)

The Representatives of Kiwami in India, Mr. Kentaro Matsumoto & Ms. Rupa Khushwaha taught students Japanese language & briefed about the scope of Japanese language into their career.

KIWAMI Japanese is a Japanese Language learning program , supported by interesting animated stories that makes the learning of the most difficult language easier . Students were taught the basic Japanese words by the trained teacher from #KIWAMI and also by a native Japanese Teacher who excited the students . By the end of one hour session students were able to introduce themselves , read the time on the clock and learnt to address people (salutations).

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