Success is not final and failure is not fatal,it's courage that counts

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

St. Thomas school,Mandir Marg honoured the students of class X and XII.The event was presided over by school manager C Manoharan,principal A Amos,parents and teachers.The day commenced with a prayer followed by a welcome by the school prime minister.School princial A Amos congratulated the students for their outstanding,results hard work and perservance of the teachers,parents and students.She remarked that the auditorium was lil up with the smiling faces of the students who would continue to light beacons touching the lives of people around,emblazoning and glorfying the motto of the school.A video presentation of the results highlighted the milestones reachedby the school. In class X,241 students appeared with 100% pass pecentage. In class XII,215 students appeared with 100% pass percentage.The event concluded with the school song.

source- The Times Of India

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