Teachers at this school painted bathroom stalls with positive messages to cheer up students

Teachers at a Texas school painted each bathroom stall with beautiful artwork and inspiring messages to motivate students.

Teachers at Warren Middle School Forney ISD in Texas, USA, were busy painting bathroom stalls with beautiful designs and positive messages to turn it into a bright and positive space while the students were on summer vacation last year.

Not only did the teachers and staff use their own unpaid time to come over to transform an ordinary school bathroom, but the school principal also joined in as well in drawing inspiration from social media to paint each bathroom stall.

Why did teachers take such a step?

Bathroom stalls are often a negative place as students tend to scribble rude remarks on the doors of the stalls or on the walls inside.

Since students tend to notice what is written when they are using the toilet, it often lowers their mood on reading such negative messages.

But the messages the teachers painted along with uplifting paintings and designs can boost their mood and encourage students to be their real selves with confidence.

As Principal Joshua Garcia told usatoday.com, "One of the goals was to create a culture of positivity and welcoming to our students, a place that our students and teachers want to be a part of and want to come to each and every day.

It also helps boost the drive of students who simply do not want to come to school or feel demotivated.

Middle school students often go through mental stress and psychological trouble. Turning a place like a bathroom into a support space in an innovative way the teachers came up with to help struggling students who might be feeling lonely or depressed.

The culture of positivity is spreading and the principal said that students can feel the difference.

One of the first schools to use this technique was Mary Moore Elementary wherein parents created works of art not only in the bathrooms but throughout the school.

Now, it is being taken up in other schools as well.

Source-India Today

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