The Internet Got Teary-Eyed Watching PM Modi Hug ISRO Chief After Chandrayaan 2 Failure

Netizens shared the viral footage calling it "Modi's most genuine hug"

India's Moon Mission - 2 may not have gone as planned, or as Indians expected it to be, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi's gesture is being fondly shared by the Internet.

Addressing a press conference for the scientists at ISRO in Bengaluru, PM Modi said, "We are full of confidence that when it comes to our space program, the best is yet to come, there are new frontiers to discover and new places to go to, we will rise to the occasion and scale newer heights of success."

A few hours before this speech, ISRO scientists lost contact with Vikram lander that was central to India's ambitious moon mission.

Disheartened over Chandrayaan2 setback, ISRO chief K Sivan was left teary-eyed minutes after the Prime Minister's address. Before leaving the ISRO control centre, the prime minister shook hands with every scientist present in the room. When PM Modi met the ISRO chief, Sivan broke down. He was then comforted by the PM, who gave a pat on his back and lauded the efforts of the experts.

Videos captured the moment, where Modi is seen hugging Sivan, as the latter tries to control his tears.

Prime Minister Modi is known for his compulsive hugs, as is evident when he meets any world leader. However, netizens shared the viral footage calling it "Modi's most genuine hug", as it wasn't created for the cameras.

But not all hope for Chandaryaan-2 is lost.

Even though the fate and the status of Chandrayaan 2 moon lander Vikram is not known, hope is not lost as far as the Rs 978-crore moon mission is concerned, said an ISRO official. "Only 5 per cent of the mission has been lost — Vikram, the lander, and Pragyan, the rover. The remaining 95 per cent, that is the Chandrayaan-2 orbiter, is orbiting the moon successfully," the official said.

With a mission life of one year, the Orbiter can take several pictures of the moon and send it to the ISRO.

The Orbiter can also take pictures of the lander to know its status.


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