The Teacher had cut out all 30 Students from the School TC,Read what is the complete measure...

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Within 10-15 days in the junior high school Dwalisera of Uttrakhand in Pithoragarh,a teacher had cut the TC of 30 students of the school.when there was not a single student in the school,this teacher was shifted to childish school.Due to a school student at such a short interval of time the authorities did not even try to know.

On Monday,when the school was completely closed,the parents approached the education officer with a complaint,there was a pang in the department.Parents allege that teachers do not want to work in this inaccessible area school. So TC of the students were cut.

On coming to cognizance of the case,the deo(basic) has given serious notice of the TC cutting case of students and has ordered the BEO to look into the case and take actions against the guilty teachers.Being told that there were 2 teachers in the school in the past.

One of them was already attached to the BEO office on the complaint of village head.Then the whole incident took place on the teacher being responsible for 30 different classes of children.

Source- Amar Ujala.

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