This 12-year-old Ayodhya boy has written 135 books including 51 on Ramayana characters

Twelve-year-old Mrigendra Raj from Ayodhya has written a staggering 135 books on religion and biographies of famous personalities

12-year-old boy has written as many as 135 books in the genres of religion and biographies of famous personalities. Mrigendra Raj started writing books at the age of six, his first book being one on poems. He was even invited to do a Doctorate by the World Record University in London.

Four world record to his name!

Raj, who goes by the pen name of 'Aaj Ka Abhimanyu', has claimed four world records and various other awards.

Speaking to ANI, Raj, who has written books on 51 characters of the epic Ramayana, said, "I have analysed 51 characters of Ramayana by studying the epics. I have put that knowledge into my books. The length of my book ranges between 25 and 100 pages."

The boy's mother is a teacher in a private school in Sultanpur while his father works in the sugarcane department.

Raj has even written a biography on Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

Courtesy By: India Today

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