UAE school fee hike: What parents can expect this year

Dubai: The majority of Dubai’s private schools, around 80 per cent, can only raise fees by around two per cent this academic year, with many offering discounts or freezing fees, schools said.

In Abu Dhabi also, school fees appear to have increased only nominally across many private institutions, based on feedback from schools and parents.

Out of 176 private schools in Dubai inspected in the previous cycle, 141 schools whose rating stayed the same were found eligible for a 2.07 per cent fee increase for this cycle, which begins next week.

Meanwhile, six schools whose ratings fell and 11 schools who were inspected for the first time, will not be allowed to increase fees this cycle.

Only nine Dubai schools qualified for the maximum 4.14 per cent increase under the new rules, announced in March. Six of them had improved from ‘acceptable to good’ and three from ‘weak’ to acceptable’.

A further five schools, which improved from ‘good’ to ‘very good’, qualified for a 3.62 per cent increase. The remaining four schools, which improved from ‘very good’ to ‘outstanding’, were eligible for a 3.10 per cent increase.


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