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UP Board Exam 2020: UP Board Inter will get this facility for the first time

Compartment facility will be available for the first time in the intermediate examination of UP board. Students who fail in one subject will get another chance. Compartment examination will be conducted for them in July.

On passing, they will get a pass certificate. Passing in five out of six subjects of high school will be considered a pass. However, if the student wishes, he can improve the number by giving an improvement examination for the failed subject. Fail candidates in two subjects will be considered as fail. However, they will get the facility of the compartment. In any one of the two subjects, he will be able to take compartment examination and upon passing, he will get a pass certificate.

Admission will be given half an hour before the first day: On the first day of the board examination, the candidates will be given admission in the examination centre half an hour before. Every day thereafter, admission will be given 15 minutes before the exam.

The tenure of the Secretary will be increased for the results of the board examination: The tenure of Secretary Nina Srivastava will be increased to release the results of the UP board examination. Neena Shrivastava is retiring on 31 March while Deputy Chief Minister has asked to declare the result on 24 April. From the examination to the preparation of results, it is the responsibility of the secretary. In such a situation, the tenure of the secretary is considered to be increased. This will be the first time that the tenure of the Secretary will be extended for the result. Earlier, the tenure of the then Director of Secondary Education and the ex-officio Chairman of the Board, Dr Awadh Naresh Sharma, was also extended to declare the 2018 result.

223 detained in jail will also give exam: In the 2020 board examination, 223 detained in various jails of the state will also be included. 113 detainees have registered at the high school and 110 at inter. For these, arrangements have been made to take exams in the jail itself.

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