VSPK International School's Students Visit of Parliament

A VISIT TO PARLIAMENT VSPK bridge the Gap between the Policy Makers and the future seekers of the Millennium Under the able guidance of Chairman Sh. S.K. Gupta ji an excursion to Parliament House, was arranged for the students of Classes IX to XII, on 5 th October 2019. The day was abuzz with excitement among the students. They could not wait to catch a glimpse of their famous leaders of Lok Sabha. The bus ride through central Delhi was a fun experience in itself. As the students reached the Parliament House, they saw scores of reporters from TV Channels crowding the space. After a lot of security checks, the students reached the visitor’s gallery, it was a lifetime experience of visiting the highest forum of debate and witnessing the nation builders arguing about what’s best for the country. There was an overflow of ecstasy in the students who were impatient to share their experience with school Manager Ms. Pramila Gupta, Directors Mr. Kapil Gupta and Mr. Pankaj Gupta. The Students thanked the school Principal Dr. Neelu Goswami for the opportunity to have this fun forgettable experience and requested her to arrange many more such excursion in near future.

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