Want to Work For India? NITI Aayog is inviting applications for the position of AIM's Prog Director

New Delhi : Application for the position of Program Director in Atal Innovation Mission

Apply before 02 July 23:55, here :https://aim.gov.in/recruitment.php

About Atal Innovation Mission – NITI Aayog Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) is Government of India’s flagship initiative under the auspices of the NITI Aayog, to create and promote a vibrant culture of innovation and entrepreneurship across the length and breadth of India. AIM’s mandate is to develop new programs and policies for fostering innovation in different sectors of the economy, providing a platform and collaboration opportunities for different stakeholders, create awareness and create an umbrella structure to oversee the innovation ecosystem of the country.

NITI Aayog is looking for dynamic, experienced Program Directors ( in the level of Consultant Grade II in terms of “Procedure and guidelines for engagement of Consultants/ Senior Consultants/ Young Professionals in NITI Aayog “ issued vide O.M. no. A-12013/02/2015-Adm. I(B) dated 01.08.2018 and as amended from time to time ) with proven track record for its highly successful Atal Innovation Mission programs, who can help drive existing and new AIM initiatives and strategies further to meet the above objectives.

Some of the major initiatives undertaken in the first phase of AIM are as follows:

1. Atal Tinkering Labs- Creating problem solving mindset across schools in India through tinkering labs, of which more than 5000 have already been established around the country.

2. Atal Incubation Centers – Setting up world class incubators fostering world class startups and adding a new dimension to the incubator model.

3. Atal New India Challenges - Fostering product innovations and aligning them to the needs of various sectors/ministries.

4. Atal Community Innovation Centers- To stimulate community centric innovation and ideas in the unserved /underserved regions of the country including Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.

5. Applied Research and Innovation for Small Enterprises – To stimulate Make in India innovations in the MSME / startup industry

6. Mentors of Change National platform - A nation-wide Mentor network in collaboration with public sector, corporates and institutions, to support the various initiatives of the mission.

AIM is administratively mapped within the NITI Aayog, with direct budgetary support from the Govt of India. AIM has a Mission High Level Committee (MHLC) comprising of distinguished leaders from government, private sector, Indian and international academia, and industrial representatives.

More details are available at aim.gov.in

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