What the Delhi school education model is and why Maharashtra is looking to emulate it

Maharashtra govt has announced that it is set to adopt the Delhi model to improve the quality of education in the state's schools.

New Delhi: The Maharashtra government Monday announced that it would adopt the Delhi school model to increase the quality of education in the state. 

“Today, the Delhi school education model is considered to be the best in the country,” Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar said while announcing the decision. “The transformation in the education system under the Delhi model needs a relook and should be replicated to raise the standard of education in Maharashtra,” he added. 

Pawar said all municipal Corporation-run schools in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Pimpri-Chinchawad and Navi Mumbai will follow the Delhi model of education. “The Delhi model will ensure both effective financial management and also better educational standards,” Pawar added.

Reports said the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has already been “asked to study the Delhi model and evolve a framework”. 

On Tuesday, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), which runs the government in Delhi, welcomed the decision. 

“This is good news and we are all pleasantly surprised,” AAP’s Maharashtra leader Mukund Kirdat said. “That our political adversaries accept that the Delhi education model is the best in the country, is testament to the quality of work and honesty of our resolve.”  

ThePrint takes a look at Delhi’s much talked about school education model. 

Reference- https://theprint.in/india/education/what-the-delhi-school-education-model-is-and-why-maharashtra-is-looking-to-emulate-it/350356/

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